New Release on Oct 18

I am excited to announce the release date for the new book.   This book is not my usual book on the subject matter of Uber and Lyft.  There is no humor or funny stuff in it.  It is the compilation of  the conclusions of driving in the rideshare platform for many months now.   I get asked a lot of questions by  people who are new to the rideshare phenomenon, like what strategies they should employ and what things they should avoid to maximize the opportunity for success.   Well, the answers and strategies are all here in “The 10-Minute Guide to Maximize your Money on Uber & Lyft” by Harvey C Jenkins MD, PhD.

Like the other books I write, it is written in a coherent, easy-to-understand and easy-to-apply manner to make starting with Uber or Lyft a breeze.

Be on the look out for a special promotional offer on this Book also coming soon.

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