The Public Enemy #1 or Manufactured Persona? Dr. Harvey Jenkins begins Correcting the Record in NEWSOK


As you may know, the State of Oklahoma, Office of the Attorney General (headed by Scott Pruitt) with the assistance of armed agents of the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs raided my off ice on January, 26, 2015.   Securing an affidavit  presented by Lt. April D Woodard Carpenter and signed off by an area judge, containing false allegations and reports of  a patient’s death designed to create urgency,  the  agency submitted press releases to area news organizations and created the media spectacle and campaign designed to stop my practice.  At the time of the the 6 hour raid, which included the agents dismantling the security cameras so that there actions of violating the civil rights of the employees they had held against their will,  no arrests were made and no charges were filed.     Even thought the affidavit suggested a period of surveillance of my office and my home for more than a 3-year-period, with undercover agents posing as pain patients, confiscations of files, records, computer hardware and other items, no arrests have been made and no charges have been filed even at this point, which is 8 months following the raid.

Owing to the media spectacle and the Public relations interests of the agency involved to effectively transform me from a private citizen to “Public Enemy #1”, I along with my advisers and counsel have explored the possible rationale behind this action.    And our conclusions have been troubling.

Once again this story has again taken a place in the local media spotlight, with the October 16th publication of an interview and investigation by the award-winning reporter. Andrew Knittle of the Oklahoman.  This time I am able point out the side of the story that the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and the Attorney General’s Office failed to disclose and reveal.

The video interview with the Oklahoma lasted more than 1.5 hours. There are 10 minutes of it posted on the online version of the story. Lots of things left out, as I said, I called names and pointed fingers and exposed all of the cards I felt were necessary. I don’t want it to be said in the future, when the rest of this information becomes public, that anything is new.  No, I’ve been saying pretty much the same thing since February. The only changes in my message is when new evidence and information become available that takes the theory out of the realm of the “theoretical” but makes it fact.

The Agencies who had been so eager to promote this story and to brand my practice of pain management as a pill mill are strangely silent.  They do acknowledge budget issues at the Oklahoma Healthcare Authority which has been responsible for a number of budget cutting initiatives.

The harassment by agents and implied threats continue to this day as Agents continue to shakedown former employee and associates. , in what can only be speculated as an attempt to manufacture a case to support their allegations which has not been possible in the 3.8 years of their campaign.

Hopefully, the world is watching them now, and they will clean up their actions instead of making them worse.    Legal Scholar Louis Brandeis famously said “Sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants”.

I say “Let the Sunshine in”.

See the full online version of the news story by Andrew Knittle here.

Please help support my effort by making a donation to my legal defense fund on GoFundMe.   With your help, we can make it right.

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