Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics Camp Gruber Training Program – a drunken, extramarital Sex fest!

The Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics (OBN)  had a ten-day training program held at Camp Gruber.  Something despicable and disgusting happened during those 10 days in May of 2015.  It is only now coming to light thanks to an Open Records Act Request and reporting by The Oklahoman.   The article ( the link is here) was  written by Investigative reporter Randy Ellis.   Ellis is a staff writer who has more that 30-year history in exposing corruption and government mismanagement.    And the article he wrote which appeared in the Sunday paper was mind-blowing.

Ellis describes the event, intended to be a training program to assist in OBN War on Marijuana,  as nights of “Wild partying” , “hard drinking” and “sexual shenanigans”, including one of the law enforcement attendees having “sexual contact” with a “female student”, in the the “female barracks” in the “female student’s bed”.  We only hope this was consensual.    The law enforcement attendee recorded a video of a woman  lifting up her skirt in front of other attendees.   He later disseminated copies of this  video to friends and colleagues.

The depraved behavior led to firing and suspensions.  Other law enforcement  officials resigned to avoid formal disciplinary hearings and penalties.   The video of the female attendee surfacing led to an domestic dispute and confrontation at the female students home after her husband found out.   State Troopers were called to their Stillwater Oklahoma residence.   The Department of Public Safety, however, did not have “documents responsive” to the Open Records Act  request  made by the newspaper concerning this incident, suggesting no report was taken or , perhaps it was “scrubbed”.

Embattled OBN spokesman, Mark Woodward, known for his public injection of false Biblical scripture in to OBN policy affairs, basically said:

” This is the first incident that we’ve been aware of that had to be investigated.  I’ve been with the Agency for 20 years…”

Just re-read that quote a couple of times to analyze what he is really saying.   He may simply be stating that the other incidents they were aware did not need to be investigated.  Perhaps, he forgot about this incident at OBN, which in my mind sounds like it involved a little alcohol or other substances…

Woodward  was also quoted as saying that this year’s program was federally funded through a $150,000 Drug Enforcement Administration grant, which paid not only the training program, but also supported four, week-long marijuana eradication missions carried out in the state.

To remind you, OBN is the State Agency charged with “Human Sex Trafficking” in the State of Oklahoma.

Let that sink in.

If they can’t police their own training programs from sexual impropriety , how on earth can they stop sex trafficking in Oklahoma.

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