It was a miserable week for the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics…

Just when they were beginning to recover from The Oklahoman article exposing the motives behind the raid on my office in January, in which OBN Spokesman inadvertently offered a FREE PASS to drug dealers and seemed to discourage patient evaluations by referencing the absence of policies and laws governing these areas,  something else happened.   Something else outside of  the ‘mysterious’ disappearance of the unflattering article…

A second News OK article appeared describing a OBN Training Program Retreat literally “Gone Wild”as drunken agents frolicked like mischievous, sex-crazed teenage boys, even slipping in the female barracks and having sex with one of the female students.   OBN, the agency in charge of Human trafficking and Sex trafficking of women in Oklahoma, could not even control its own people to not violate the female students.  Firings and reprimands occurred, but the matter was dealt with in secrecy.  Well,  It was “secret”, until it was uncovered by an Open Records Act inquiry.   OBN Spokesman Mark Woodward created  yet another new  gallery of gaffes and PR missteps as he tried to rationalize the behaviors that occurred under the agency’s watch.

The weekend revelation was almost outdone by an ‘not-so-well-thought-out’ post on the OBN Facebook Page, which has been revealed has not been operating under State’s Social Media Policy according to the Office of Management & Enterprise Services, asking the person or people who left a marijuana pipe in Bricktown to contact them to reclaim it.      Perhaps they learned in the Camp Gruber Marijuana Training to overemphasize the impact of marijuana on our crime rates an overdose rates.   The many thousands of commenters did not buy it, and began a brutally comical attack OBN from all angles including its leadership, its misguided policy.

BY Tuesday of this week, it kinda seemed like a ‘pile on’, but it wasn’t over.

Now comes the latest let down, in a new article in Red Dirt Report, where they blame the OBN for the very presence of criminals in our neighborhoods, and calls their Dug War the “Biggest Public Policy Scam in place today” and writes of an “automatic criminal creation” providing the excuse of a massive “militarized” response to execute a response to a war that its really creating.  And in the process, provide themselves with job security.  You can read the blistering article from Red Dirt Report here.

They bring up a very interesting idea and revolutionary concept:  “Panic” is a technique being used by groups like OBN to perpetuate the ‘War on Drugs’.  Without a “War”, they have no reason to exist and there is no OBN.   So, they may actually be creating the Panic solely to protect their own livelihoods.

With impending10% cuts to Oklahoma State Agencies announced by Governor Mary Fallin, this negative PR backlash has to have a lot of people at OBN looking for a quick way out.

Stay tuned.  I have a feeling that it’s just the beginning of some long-awaited changes at OBN.   Their season of hunting “Wascally Wabbits” that do not exist instead of fixing the states’s drug problems may now becoming to an end.

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