#DrugTestOBN The Petition to make the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics accountable

Sign this Petition Now to Save lives in Oklahoma through Making OBN accountable.

The Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics & Dangerous Drugs (OBN) is responsible for controlling and ending drug abuse, drug diversion and overdose deaths according to its mission statement.  The OBN website states in its message from its Director, Darrell Weaver, that the OBN is a “multi-faceted agency that is the national model and leader in the robust dynamic environment of drug enforcement.”   The facts, evidence and statistics suggest otherwise.   They have failed to make a significant  impact in any specific metric of drug abuse, drug diversion  or overdose deaths .  In addition, they have been a source of continued embarrassment to the State of Oklahoma, whether it be personal use of confiscated property, sexual impropriety among its ranks, alcohol abuse happening under its watch, cover-ups, and a revolving-door policy among its disgraced personnel.

None of the possible explanations for its lack of effectiveness or its lapses in judgment are favorable.  Either they suffer from moral  & ethical bankruptcy, incompetence, or impaired judgement.

The only way for Oklahoma to have a chance at winning its war of Drug abuse, is to first to clean up its own agency charged with Drug enforcement, the OBN.   Drug Testing of OBN personnel would be the way to assure that what appears to be umpaired judgement has nothing to do with substance abuse.

Surely, an agency that stops at nothing to publicly espouse the  perils of harmful drugs, via publicity stunts, press releases to local media, parade appearances,  and elementary school visits, would have nothing to hide.    Surely, the people of OBN would willingly “man up”, show and prove that the recent and historical incidents of impropriety have nothing to do with drug abuse in its ranks.  If they do offer resistance, this would almost affirm the problem that many people have already concluded exists.  They are human.  They have access to tons of returned, unused medication with little documentation and no oversight.    And that they are human.

Sign the petition, like many have done this week, to allow Oklahoma legislators and our Governor to become aware of the problem with OBN.  Doing so will pave the way for the correct approach to curb the drug problem in Oklahoma.

You can find the petition here——->  http://chn.ge/1PXIFCm


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