BREAKING NEWS: #ByeFelipe- Disgraced Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics Director Darrell Weaver resigns amid #DrugTestOBN petition

Quite shockingly, the The Oklahoman and Tulsa World are  reporting the unexpected resignation of Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics & Dangerous Drugs Director R. Darrell Weaver.  The Article is here.

Weaver’s resignation, entered quietly in an email to agency staff,  comes after a blistering 2 weeks of unending negative publicity surrounding his agency, embarrassing disclosures including the Training Program Sex Scandal cover up, failure to impact out-of-control drug abuse, drug deaths and  diversion in Oklahoma, and mandatory agency budget cuts which threatened his ability to remain in his position.  His “stepping down” also occurred coincident with the DrugTestOBN Petition which has been circulated to Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin and Oklahoma State Senators and Representatives.

You can review and sign the #DrugTestOBN petition here.

The implication he leaves behind his quick exit is that Drug-Testing of the management, employees and staff of his agency may reveal the reason behind the “impaired Judgement” and misguided decisions that the agency has made under his leadership.

There is power when people stand up and use their collective Voices.

Signers of the petition agree that the change in leadership will lead the way for better decision-making, implementation of better policy, and formulation of the right strategy to curb drug abuse in the State of Oklahoma.  Darrell Weaver’s exit will create the opportunity to reorganize and permit replacement of the current management with energetic people, moral people and ethical people committed to solving the Oklahoma Drug Problem.     Oklahoma Lives will be saved by this move.

It’s a new day in Oklahoma.  Our work is not complete.  Please support my effort for beating back the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics by donating to my GoFundMe account for my legal fight, Harvey Jenkins MD vs The State of Oklahoma.    We are about $20,000 behind, and would greatly appreciate your support.

We wish Darrell Weaver better luck in his next endeavor, and are thankful he stepped aside befor more damage was done and more Oklahoma lives were lost through his agency’s mismanagement.

We will also be watching to see where he lands….

And we are sure that this is not where this story ends.  Stay tuned.  There will be more ugliness to follow.

6 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: #ByeFelipe- Disgraced Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics Director Darrell Weaver resigns amid #DrugTestOBN petition

  1. The OBN will not stop seeking to stop the over prescribing of narcotics and proliferation of drug addiction for profit just because the director retires. Anyone who contributes to Harvey Jenkins legal fees is a fool. He made plenty of money as a physician. Physicians should be charged in the deaths of patients where overdose might have been foreseen (for instance any cases of treatment for overmedication or instances of seeking to obtain “replacement” medication).

    1. Hi Heather. I was gonna remove your comment, but I decided you deserved a response. I am assuming you are not a mean person. You just don’t know what happened.
      Just so you know, No patients died under my care. That is not why OBN and the AG raided my office. It is about charges for Urine testing for Pain Medicaid patients. This was not money I received. It was charged and received by the urine testing companies. The charges to soonercare/medicaid was up to 10.8 Million dollars a year. They have a 78-125 Million Dollar deficit in the budget at Sooner Care, because Governor Fallin chose not to participate in the Affordable Care Act, which would provide federal matching funds for Medicaid. They had to cut somewhere. That is why they came after me.
      I had no overdose deaths in 3 years I was under surveillance. The PR campaign by the OBN has fooled you into thinking that deaths occurred. They did not. They are not alleging that there were deaths anymore. But they just want to leave you with the impression that deaths occurred. Don’t allow your self to be manipulated. Something horrible happened to all my patients who still cant find doctors willing to treat them, out of fear of being raided. Some of my employees still cant find jobs.
      About the ‘plenty of money” comment; I was reimbursed about 44$ per Medicaid patient for a return office visit. My rent on the office building was $6,500 per month. Paying salaries and benefits (like healthcare insurance premiums) was at least $15,000. If you can then imagine how many return patients a doctor has to see at 44% a pop tomake the rent? A lot. We worked our butts off.
      Had I made all of the money you think, I would be retired. I was serving my patients and enjoyed my job. I did not deserve to have my reputation destroyed simply because the OBN and the AG’s Office want to look good. My staff didnno deserve the loss of their jobs, the disruption of the lives, and to be held at gun point by armed agents. My patients did not deserve a disruption in their care. It is hard to find a doctor who cares. It is hard to find a pain management doctor, who takes Soonercare. If you had pain you would already know what it is like.

  2. Dr. Jenkins was not my doctor,never has been my doctor,and probably never will be my doctor,but I agree with him,there is alot of corruption,sneaky,backstabbing,lying,cheating things that need to come to light in OKC leadership,they are not all bad,but they are human too,if not guilty,why not stay defend your job,your employees,all the things you truly believe in,I do have a debilitating sickness,but I do think these drugs need to be regulated,I believe other drugs should also be given the chance to be tested and used,but some of our higher ups,have the ideal they are,”above and beyond” the laws set forth for us to follow,the old adage of money talks and bull#!$& walks seems to be very true,glad they are finally looking into this misuse of state government

  3. Let’s face the truth. Some of our law enforcement agencies as indeed corrupt. My oldest son is an honest law enforcement officer, like so many.

    As a victim of a “Medical Ferguson” by the OBNDD in Roland, Oklahoma, I have been falsely accused of over prescribing, running a “Pill Mill”, treating my patients who were labeled “Drug Addicts” as a “Drug Dealer” and running a “Drug Cartel” because I was treating legitimate chronic pain patients.

    In a recent article, the Washington Post states that up to 80% of people who are abusing prescription narcotics drugs have never seen a physician. Most are drug addicts who obtain a cheap high by buying illegally prescription narcotic drugs off the street, stealing them from pharmacies and pain patients, writing fraudulent prescriptions on stolen prescription pads, etc.

    When prescription narcotic drugs become to hard of expensive to abuse, these addicts switch back to street heroin.

    The article goes in to state that less than 1% of chronic pain patients who take their pain medications as prescribed by their doctor have a problem with drug addiction.

    Chronic pain patients are not “Drug Addicts” and the doctors who legitimately treat them are not “Drug Dealers.”

    Because of the lies of the OBNDD under the leadership of Weaver, America has been lied to again and again!

    I was also falsely accused of patient deaths. Just a bold face lie by the OBNDD.

    As citizens of this great country, we need to fight the lies and corruption of the OBNDD and law enforcement agencies that are corrupt to the core.

    “Know the truth and the truth will set you free.” Jesus Christ

  4. This is a common occurance in todays society. the FDA ,DEA, and big brother himself are putting a loaded gun in every (leggit) chronic pain patients face and saying ” its alright, you know its your only option left”. We may as well be jewish in germany , it geniside , pure and simple . And they will do it legally because its a law. a law that causes millions to suffer needless pain everyday , thereby becoming usless adicts and expendable to the rest of the hardworking americans that blindly trust in the goverment to know what is good for our sakes….. the british monarchy thought they knew what was right for us. we had a revolution. what eles will you let them take away from us for our own good. when will you look up and say NO MORE!

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