Meet Susan Rogers Esq: Executive Director, OK State Dental Board & OBN Femme Fatale?

Meet Susan Deann Childers Rogers, Esq., Executive Director, Oklahoma State Board of Dentistry.
“We all expect professionals to do what they should do, but there is the 1% out there who doesn’t.  Whether it’s cutting costs or ignoring things because they don’t care, there is the 1% who are not professional.”

Before appreciating the power of that quotation taken from an exclusive interview by Dentistry IQ, billing itself as the Web’s Most Comprehensive resource for Dental Professionals, let’s us get a better understanding of who Susan Rogers, Esq. is and where she was prior to landing the role as head of the State Agency in charge of licensing and supervising Dental professionals in Oklahoma. In that role she has remained highly-visible, with a number of media appearances related to the practice of Dentistry.

Susan is a Del City, Oklahoma resident, who graduated of the Oklahoma University School of Law, was a member of Chi Omega Sorority and subsequently worked for the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics in the role of General Counsel.  Much of her available history at the bureau involves filings related to the confiscation of property by OBN.  From what we can tell, her position at OBN was coincident when Darrell Weaver became director of this agency, where they had a very close working relationship.  It is abundantly clear from the volume of filings, that she was a very tough and capable legal opponent.

She is the proverbial “femme fatale” archetype from literature, quite mysterious and charming, but also strong, capable and powerful, and able to be dangerous when she wants to be or needs to be.

At some point, during Director Weaver’s tenure at OBN,  Ms. Rogers took the job with Oklahoma State Dental Board.  It is not clear what her connection to dentistry was then or is now or the reasons behind her departure from OBN.  It is clearly a move that was in her best ‘professional’ interest.     Recently, she became the subject of unfortunate publicity when she attempted to file felony charges against, Jeanne Mandeville, a Private School health room director, whom she had become aware of through an article profiling her job in the Tulsa World.   

In the original article, the St. Mary’s Private school staffer was seen as a ‘miracle worker‘, as she developed a reputation  as a calming force for a number of children terrified of the idea of having a loose tooth removed.   Mandeville did what many of moms and dads did for us as our baby teeth loosened and were ready to be shed.   Susan Rogers did not attempt to criminalize the actions of our Moms and Dads.  But Susan Rogers, on learning of the Tulsa Private School “Tooth Fairy” felt that Jean Mandeville needed to be charged with a felony , “practicing pediatric dentistry without a license” and “practicing Dentistry Illegally”.   If the Board of Dentistry had legitimate health concerns about this health room directors activity, she may have solved them with a simple phone call.   But, instead, she chose the route that would magnify the situation, convert the intentions to something ‘sinister’ and would create yet another opportunity for publicity and self-promotion;    Even if it was at the expense of a small school’s heath room director.

It is not clear whether Rogers carried through her threat of  charging  Jeanne Mandeville with a felony, or whether she caved to public pressure that she and her agency were overreaching.   What is clear, is that this was an unnecessary power play, for which there is no reasonable other than self-promotion.    Part of the “professionalism” that Rogers speaks about should also include things like restraint and reasonable judgement,  which were clearly not demonstrated in this case.

Soon-to-be Ex- OBN Director indicated in the recent article concerning his abrupt retirement that he is looking forward to “marrying the love of his life” on February 6th, 2015.  I would hope that whomever the “love of his life” is would be one who respected “professional boundaries” of behavior in the workplace and the boundaries of marriage.

If this person happens to be Susan Rogers, who worked with him for many years at OBN, then I offer my sincere best wishes for a wonderful future together, fighting drug crimes and fighting health room directors.      If it is not, the God bless you anyway.

People and “Professionals” who live in Glass houses should not ever throw stones.








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