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Thank you for visiting my page and joining me on this mission.  It’s been quite a journey from the small town of Fayetteville, NC to where I am now.    After finishing high school, I attended the University of North Carolina, during some of the greatest Basketball years.    In Chapel Hill, you could frequently see Michael Jordan walking down Franklin Street or going to class.   Most of us realized that he was destined for greatness.  Few of us recognized the impact he would have on our culture.      I received my BS degree in Chemistry, and went on to do graduate study in Biochemistry at West Virginia University in Morgantown.     After receiving my PhD, I went to Duke University to study Medicine.   3 years after I left Morgantown, I returned to do my residency training in Orthopedic Surgery.  When I finished, I moved to Boston to do my fellowship in Spine Surgery at Beth Israel Hospital, as part of the Harvard Combined Orthopedic Fellowships.   Yes, I finally made it to Harvard, and I got to train with Dr. Augustus White III that year, who was probably the equivalent of  Michael Jordan in the field of Spin Surgery.   I landed in Oklahoma City and, although I never would have predicted I’d end up here,  it is now my home.   Although I  no longer practice clinical medicine or surgery, my mission is far from over.

Most people know me from my nearly 15 years of practice in Spine Surgery,aesthetic medicine and pain management.  What I would like to be known for is my  advocacy for people who are living with pain and the practitioners who treat them.   There is a big problem, not just in Oklahoma, but nationwide where it concerns the treatment of pain.   Someone needs to help break through the stigma, and stop the criminalization of pain management.   Patients should not be treated like addicts.  Doctors should not be treated like drug dealers.

Maybe my role is to be the “Michael Jordan” of this type of advocacy.  Someone has to do it.  I hope your on the team with me, or on the sidelines cheering for us to win.


13 thoughts on “About Dr. Harvey Jenkins

  1. Love ya man, its a shame they can do what they did to you!!! I will join you in your fight, its crazy that people who live with chronic pain are being made to feel like criminals just for pain relief!!!

  2. I adored having you as my Pain Mgmt. Dr.!! I hope you get more backing, and are forever known as The Dr. who changed pain practice for the grateful patient! I want you back as my Dr., just as fast as possible! I would recommend you to everyone I know!!! Much love, and good luck!

  3. Dr. Jenkins if anyone can change it you can. People and Drs. Should stand and make noise about this almost criminal stance the DEA and Government Agencies are making. The War on Drugs has been lost.

  4. Blessings to you & yours. Continue to bring positive awareness to the community and across the nation. I hope that one day that u can treat my son’s back Injuries so that he can continue to enjoy life. Thanks to
    M & V and u for always making me laugh and smile with cute bedtime story and videos. Love what u do Do what u love. 1♡

  5. I was so grateful to b able to find a dr like you. It has been an up hill fight to find another dr that understands or even really cares bout whether a person is in pain. U took care of me for 2 yrs. I no u will b victorious. You ARE a good dr an a good person. Loved having you as a DR an look forward to having u back as my DR real soon.

  6. After moving back from Washington state, a place where pain patients were treated like adults, rather than potential misusers or criminals, it took me nearly a year to find a good pain management physician. I found one in Dr. Jenkins. In his practice, though he had to follow Oklahoma guidelines that make pain patients feel insulted and treated like delinquent children, in need of supervision, Dr. Jenkins treated his patients like adults. He expected his patients to behave like adults, and dispensed adult consequences to those who did not, firing them from his practice when they showed they could or would not behave appropriately. I appreciated being treated like an adult, and have not found a pain doctor that has treated me such since the unfounded persecution Harvey found himself the victim of in January of 2014. I pray daily he will return to practice when his name is cleared and his medical license and permit to prescribe restored, though I know that may not happen. I wish him all the best in whatever endeavors he pursues, and will offer any help or collaboration he offers if that is in the cards, for I fully support this man, and completely shun the things that have been done to him in the name of some kind of warped sense of justice some kind of warped mind has conceived. The state of Oklahoma should be ashamed of what it has done to this fine physician, and owes him a debt they cannot repay with money. I’m not sure they can repay it at all. But they should damn well try.

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