5 Ways to Effortlessly Outsmart Your Pain Doctor by Harvey Jenkins MD PhD

This book is the book your pain doctor does not want you to read.  Yet, it is essential reading for the chronic pain sufferer, who finds him or herself in the middle of a ‘battlefield’ known as pain management.  In the chapters, we discuss this “war”, the landmines and traps to be aware of, as well as the things you must do to protect yourself, against one of your potential foes__your own doctor.  Once you figure out the dangers and pitfalls, you will not only be prepared to defend yourself on the battlefield, but you will be victorious.

To understand this “War”, we get inside of the mind of your physician, discuss what he or she presumes about you, reveal the traps that have already been set for you, and what you need to know to win this battle and war.

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