A Patient’s Guide to Pain Management by Harvey Jenkins MD PhD

Book 1 — A Patient’s Guide to Pain Management by Harvey Jenkins MD PhD

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This book teaches you in simple, understandable language how to navigate through the stigma that encompasses people in pain to find the care that you need. It explains how to find a doctor, what to expect when you are there, and how to avoid the “traps” of being “fired” as a patient. As the climate of treating pain and seeking pain treatment become increasing repressive, this guide will put you ahead of game, so you can worry about the more important things in life, and not just your pain.

The topics we cover in this book include Knowing how to effectively communicate your pain, the ways to find the right doctor, why going to the ER may be the worst choice for you, understanding how a physician evaluates you, and how he or she formulates your the treatment plan for you pain, and your responsibility as a patient which is what will determine the longevity of the care you receive.  And finally, the “F” word in Pain-Management—“FIRED”.   We discuss what to do and what not do if it happens to you.