Harvey Jenkins MD vs The State of Oklahoma

Oral Arguments in Case no: CV-2015-1265   Harvey Jenkins MD vs The State of Oklahoma, ex rel.  Oklahoma State Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs  is set for January 15, 2016 at 10 AM in the District Court  of Oklahoma  County, State of Oklahoma.

This law suit which seeks justice, restoration, reparation and damages is the result of the well-publicized armed raid on my medical office in January of 2015, and the confiscation of records, interrogation of staff against their will, based  upon  ruse of medication diversion risk and fraud.    9  months later, no diversion was proven, which the State has acknowledged in testimony under oath.  No charges of fraud, narcotic diversion or violation any law have been filed, despite the raid and 3 years of undercover surveillance.

Several hundred patients lost their pain-management care.   Some still have not found care in the repressive climate created by this and related actions again other pain management providers and physicians.   Several employees lost their jobs.

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This can and will happen again if no one stands up and fights back.

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