Private Driver: Confessions of a Rideshare Cabbie by Harvey Jenkins, MD PhD

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The story of how I went from Harvard-Trained Spine surgeon to Rideshare driver is in itself an interesting one. This abrupt professional transition in my life has provided me with a new set of lenses to view the world.   In this book, I share some of my most outrageous and funniest experiences from what I call the UberSphere or the World of Ride-sharing Services.

You won’t believe the funny things that can happen inside a Rideshare Cab


Like in Chapter 6, the  chapter entitled “Wakka-Flocka-Phobia“.  I thought I was going to a concert to pick up some riders and ended up in a really bizarre getaway car scenario.   Thank Goodness Suge Knight wasn’t around, or otherwise, I wouldn’t be here to tell the story.

Then there was “The Stowaway” in Chapter 9.  In addition to making you laugh, it will teach what to do when a drunk stranger ends up in your home.

The last Chapter,  “From Angels to Douchebags“,  is one in which you will laugh , right up until the end…. when you made shed a tear or have your faith in humanity restored.

I really enjoyed riding this first book about Ridesharing.